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The Pucks Wiki is a collaborative website about the upcoming film series that anyone can edit!


The Pucks Film Series
Film: Cast: Pucks: Voices:
The Pucks Waffles, Atlantis, Chapstik,Finn,Flesh-Wound
The Pucks 2: Back In Action Waffles, Impy, Noogie, Mr. Knowitall, Zack, Sandwich, Cough
The Pucks 3 Jeff, Chip, Pepperoni, Gargoyle, Metal, Snake, Fart
The Pucks 4: The Last Batch!

Critter, Thumb, Owen, Marsha, Jibberish, Cloud, Doug, Velcro, Bandit, Sniper, Craze, Skull, Jupiter, Claw

And newly confirmed: The Pucks 5: World War III

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